Giveaway: 500,000 Appcoin to be won!

We’re partnering up with the Appcoin development team in order to giveaway a whole bunch of Appcoins. There’s a total of 500,000 APP to be won, split into 500 prizes of 1,000 APP each.

Appcoin is a recently launched cryptocurrency that aims to provide payment options for mobile applications. We did an interview with CEO Peter, check it out for a nice way to hear more about the coin from the people behind it.

How to enter?

We’re using the Rafflecopter service to run this giveaway. Using the widget below, you can complete several actions to gain tickets. The more tickets you earn, the more chance you’ll have to win when the 500 winners are drawn randomly after entries close.

Winners will be contacted after the matter for a wallet address in which to send their prize. Please be patient if you’re a winner, as we’ll be doing this all manually. Also be sure to use a valid email address so we can get in touch with you.

Go ahead, click the buttons below to enter! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Bring it on AppCoin! Thanks a MILL


  2. you’re awesome guys

  3. Pretty cool concept

  4. Big hopes for this!

  5. I need these coins :D

  6. Interested to see where it goes

  7. Wow, amazing ! With a total price pool at a whooping worth of $6 !

  8. greats.. thanks.. !! AXAdZWnbXnpkoorKg9u4rzEF5AqPrq2WJG

  9. greats.. thanks.. !! rUQAVa5kdvBj6yY6ARMExwu2CYFXGbBwYj

  10. Thanks again guys!

  11. I am so kewell

  12. Keep Rockin’ With the BIG GIVEAWAY!!!

  13. Love giveaways, looks like a promising coin.

  14. I would love a chance to win some this coin

  15. you guys are awesome, moving on up

  16. Awesome job guys

  17. Thanks For THIS GA

  18. I like this coin and I will promoted

  19. AR4wQ7PJk3u3aekvxDW6aY4brQ3btFr2XL,,,

  20. let’s make APP happen

  21. AH8932BC5mHUUu924oKqonMSLU3iJfwXox

  22. AbfbzsQ5ytjrdokU3nT95Je78GN4kiqzJd

  23. AbAT8D5aHAMgENHNf76dv18ug2AJSnR9EV

  24. AaRamnHRyUAMrhMjc9gB5QZSQ166Hiwpdt

  25. like appcoin

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