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Cannabit Seeds: Running Entirely on Cryptocurrencies

We here at CoinJoint pride ourselves on the fact that we support the site on nothing but cryptocurrency.  Our servers were paid for using crypto, our writers are paid in crypto, and we accept only crypto for our advertising.   While most companies who take Bitcoin or other coins immediately transfer those into fiat, it is rare for a company to deal 100% in cryptocurrency.  That’s why we took notice when Cannabit Seeds announced that they operated 100% in cryptocurrency alone.  

Cannabit went to Reddit to make the initial announcement:

We have decided to try and run without any fiat input. I have 4 radeon 7950s that have been mining for the past 8 months beneath my desk and they are our budget. We bought our hosting, we bought our domain, we bought our SSL certificate all with bitcoins mined beneath our desk (well we mine on a multipool and convert to BTC). Now our advertising budget is what we have left from mining/what we will mine. We have also managed to convince our biggest distributor to accept bitcoin, so our payments stay as crypto. We did not use bitpay or coinbase or any other site which immediately converts to crypto.

For more information about Cannabit Seeds, have a look at their official website.  If you know of other companies who are doing something similar and would like us to know about it, drop us a line.

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