CoinShield: Defending the Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency industry from Scam and Clone coins


CoinShield is an innovative and potentially disruptive concept for the cryptocurrency industry and we aim to follow it closely and provide readers and the public with detailed information.  This article will be updated with new information regarding development of the core protocol and CoinShield services.  We will bring more information to light about the developers of this project and provide ...

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fObfuscate: Hardware, Two Factor, Anonymous, Authentication for crypto wallets and more


fObsfuscate! FObfuscate is a recently announced, cloud based, identity provider making fast inroads to crypto street.  The hardware 2FAA (two factor anonymous authentication) solution offers Yubikey provisioning with a shared secret, complete activity logging, multiple & lost fob capabilities with out of band, real time, notification via SMS and / or email. Yubikey fObfuscate has chosen to partner with Yubikey because their ...

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Catching up with Digibyte

digibyte robot

Digibyte has been around for a relatively long time in the context of cryptocurrency. Launched in early January 2014, it has been ever present through the rise and fall of many short lived altcoins and continues to progress quietly in the background. Earlier this year I wrote about Digibyte’s proposed switch to a Myriadcoin style multi-algorithm approach to hashing. The ...

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Cannapay: Uniting Cannabis and Cryptocurrency in one Platform


Disclaimer: The author of this article is a member of the CCN development team Background on cannabis-related coins: There are a lot of cannabis-related coins these days.  Potcoin (POT), Cannacoin (CCN), CannabisCoin (CANN), Hempcoin (THC), Dopecoin (DOPE), and there are more late-comers that have joined the party such as MaryJaneCoin (MaryJ), which is an ICO coin sold on exchange by the creators. Potcoin was the ...

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Proof of work vs Proof of stake


With the influx of scrypt ASICs, an ever increasing number of cryptocurrencies are choosing to launch with, or switch to a proof of stake (POS) mechanism for securing the network. Where as the scrypt hashing algorithm, developed by Litecoin had been the mechanism of choice, the high temperatures, electricity costs and an ongoing hardware arms race have encouraged coin developers ...

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Review of Coinigy: Analytics and Trade Execution Tool


A while back, I requested a private beta invitation from, after reading this CJ interview with the developer.  It was a delight to see my invitation delivered after seemingly waiting months for it to arrive.  I had high hopes for seeing a tool that can seamlessly combine all of my exchange accounts into one tool, and yet still provide the same ...

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Quatloo Trader: A Triskelion Cryptocurrency on an Intergalactic Mission


Update 12/4/14: CoinJoint has verified and tested version to be functioning on Poloniex, Cryptsy, and Bittrex.  There are now automatic arbitration features! You have the ability to execute manual trades as well as perform automatic trading functions on single markets and across multiple markets!   Quatloo-Trader will be free to use if you hold at least 100 QTL (1000 QTL for ...

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If Bitcoin is to succeed it needs to be willing to adapt to regulation

bitcoin financial regulation

A lot of the recent big news surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is related to regulation. Recently the state of New York proposed a new set of regulations which have been met with an overall negative reaction by the Bitcoin community. Ecuador has also effectively banned Bitcoin and the rules and regulations required by the Chinese government have caused massive ...

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Not enough Minerals? StarCraft & E-sports focused cryptocurrency doing cool things


Minerals is a cryptocurrency targeting the e-sports crowd, and themed heavily upon StarCraft. E-sports is the act of playing video games competitively and often in professional teams. StarCraft is a very complex real-time strategy game — often likened to chess — which focuses a lot on the collection of resources, one of which is called ‘minerals’. I know this because I’m both ...

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Crypto Bounties: Sometimes it’s all empty promises


Fanfare abounds regarding the new distributed crypto economy, kick-starters and bounties.   I’m sure most of it is above board and legitimate.  We all dream of self empoyment and self determination and this model fuels that vision. However, as 51% attacks and other nefarious actions well demonstrate, some folks can’t be trusted and can’t engage in a community minded manner. Unfortunately, I ...

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