Blackcoin Foundation has announced “active support” for CXC payment platform

Blackcoin Foundation announces “active support” for the CXC CheckoutCoin project - a full-featured Point-of-Sale platform for cryptocurrencies

This news piece is complimentary to the article which you should read here for more info about CXC.

Many people within the cryptocurrency community, particularly the Blackcoin community, were surprised when the Blackcoin Foundation announced that it will provide “active support” for the CXC project.  This is a potential game-changer in crypto and one of the few times we are seeing a tangible product and service that could potentially benefit and compliment cryptocurrencies through the same “conditional freeware” model that has been very successful for Quatloo Trader.

Many cryptocurrencies have presented ideas to foster inclusiveness of cryptocurrencies, but few have actually delivered a useful product or service.  CXC has some potential to change that by providing a useful platform for Blackcoin users and developers to expand upon.

This was posted on the Reddit on December 1st by Thereal Jabulon:

The BlackCoin Foundation would like to take a moment to express its enthusiastic support of the CXC Universal Payment Gateway crowdfund and project. We believe this represents the most innovative, powerful, and urgently needed step forward toward mainstream adoption of all cryptocurrency. It is a checkout platform soon to be released in beta, which will allow any merchant to accurately price and accept crypto-payment, to auto-liquidate or bank coins as desired. Learn all about it here:

This crowdfund, ending in 7 days, awards its backers with a proportional share of the operating currency behind it, known as CheckOutCoin (distribution, 5,000,000 coins), to be released at the conclusion of the crowdfund campaign. The end user of the payment gateway effectively licenses the software through purchase of a specific minimum btc-value of CXC coin (freeware distribution with activation key is the model here). The coin itself will trade freely on the exchanges.

We have backed up our words of support with, so far, a 2btc contribution, obtained from outside business backing for this express purpose. We hope you will consider either:

Donating directly to our crowndfund BTC deposit address: 1MLmhCNU4c23ZXLxUcear1Sm9312SKfYGJ - This will give the Foundation maximum support from the eventual proceeds in CXC and their potential market value.

Or, alternatively,

Set up your own CXC wallet-client - download here: - and then obtain your own BTC crowdfund address by following this referral link:

In this case, the Blackcoin Foundation will benefit by receiving a 3% referral bonus in CXC, proportional to the size of your own BTC crowdfund contribution. This is not deducted from your amounts, but taken from the coin total. We will also receive a 2% bonus on donors referred by you, with your personal referral link (ref links are automatically generated for every contributor).

To follow the progress of the Crowdfund, visit the ledger page:

Scroll down to BTC address 1MLmhCNU4c23ZXLxUcear1Sm9312SKfYGJ , (you’ll see our referral link next to it), to track or participate in our own progress.

We look forward to working with CXC to fully unfold its potential for BlackCoin in particular, and for cryptocurrency as a whole. We strongly encourage other coin communities to do similarly. This is the future.

David Cohen (Jabulon) Joshua Bouw (Gritt)


I am very curious to see how this “active support” will play out.  I am looking forward to this project and hope that it will provide a great user experience just like the Quatloo Trader has!