Halcyon Coin announces beta testing of Peersend - a coin mixing service

Halcyon Coin

Halcyon Coin, a relatively young cryptocurrency at just over two weeks old has announced that beta testing of its Peersend coin mixing service will begin on September 9th.

This will be the first major release of an ambitious road map that includes launching a Nootropic store, the formation of a foundation, a Halcyon to Bitcoin payment platform and “Buy Lambos for Santa Claus” which should happen on Christmas day 2014. Anonymity in the cryptocurrency world seems to have become very popular and judging by the market capitalization of altcoins such as Darkcoin, Monero, BitcoinDark and Xcurrency, anonymity is something people believe in and the market is asking for.

Peersend is a technology that will provide anonymous transactions for the Halycon network. Interestingly it has been built from the ground up and takes a different approach to some of the popular existing anonymizing technology.

“When a Halcyon block is generated, or a transaction is sent, it is recorded in the public ledger known as the blockchain. We propose adding a layer to this model by allowing transactions to be sent without a record at all…

…Peersend operates above the Halcyon network. It is a layer, that acts as peer­to­peer network
and allows users to discover each other, in order to scramble transactions”
-Peersend Whitepaper

Halcyon, like most of the recent coin launches chose a short mining period of 12 days in which 1.62 million before a switch to proof-of-stake with 9% annual interest. The developer, Hal9000 is active on Bitcointalk and IRC and said:

“This is an exciting time for us as this anonymous technology is unlike anything seen before and has been completely built from scratch. We are happy that everyone is working hard to provide new functionality, having released 21 updates in 10 days - an unprecedented rate of development.”

21 updates in 10 days might be slightly overstating things considering they include many standard features expected for a serious altcoin (website, block explorer etc.) however the developers come across as professional and clearly have ambitious plans for the future. Peersend could be a useful technology and it will be interesting to see how things progress over the next two weeks. Keep an eye on Halcyon Coin!

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