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Catching up with Digibyte

digibyte robot

Digibyte has been around for a relatively long time in the context of cryptocurrency. Launched in early January 2014, it has been ever present through the rise and fall of many short lived altcoins and continues to progress quietly in the background. Earlier this year I wrote about Digibyte’s proposed switch to a Myriadcoin style multi-algorithm approach to hashing. The ...

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Proof of work vs Proof of stake


With the influx of scrypt ASICs, an ever increasing number of cryptocurrencies are choosing to launch with, or switch to a proof of stake (POS) mechanism for securing the network. Where as the scrypt hashing algorithm, developed by Litecoin had been the mechanism of choice, the high temperatures, electricity costs and an ongoing hardware arms race have encouraged coin developers ...

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Dogecoin implements AuxPOW, best solution?

Dogecoin merge Mining

  Dogecoin have announced that they will be hard-forking to allow merge-mining with Litecoin. In recent months a primary concern for Shibes everywhere has been the dwindling network hashrate of the network. If a person or group of people were able to gain more than 51% of the overall hashrate (mining power) then they could cause all kinds of damage ...

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If Bitcoin is to succeed it needs to be willing to adapt to regulation

bitcoin financial regulation

A lot of the recent big news surrounding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is related to regulation. Recently the state of New York proposed a new set of regulations which have been met with an overall negative reaction by the Bitcoin community. Ecuador has also effectively banned Bitcoin and the rules and regulations required by the Chinese government have caused massive ...

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Navajo suffers double-spend attack


  The developers of Navajo have confirmed that a successful double spend attack has occurred on the network with the attacker managing to sell almost one million Navajo on Bittrex. Navajo has been gaining a lot of attention recently after switching the name from SummerCoinV2 and releasing a whitepaper detailing how the developers intend to implement anonymous technology and ironically ...

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After a period of turbulence in the Dogecoin community there has been some more positive news today. A group of Dogecoin enthusiasts have launched a public beta release of Anyone who is serious about cryptocurrency knows that consumer and merchant adoption is the key to long term success. The more businesses that accept a given cryptocurrency, the more useful ...

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Britcoin: A coin for the British people


BritCoin is the latest cryptocurrency to launch that targets a specific country for wider adoption, in this case Great Britain. The coin was launched on 27th July 2014 by a team of three with the long term goal being “to replace BitCoin as the leading online/offline crypto currency within the United Kingdom”. With a goal as ambitious as this we ...

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Vertcoin latest: Stealth Addresses and VertVerser


  It seems the Vertcoin development team have been busy as two major announcements have been made this week. Anonymity is currently a hot topic in the cryptocurrency landscape and Vertcoin have reacted by releasing an updated wallet with a stealth address feature included. The ability to send stealth payments is a huge advancement for Vertcoin and one that will ...

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CannabisCoin: Payment solution for Marijuana Industry


Another name to add to the ever growing list of cannabis related cryptocurrencies is CannabisCoin. Launched on 20th April 2014 (of course), things have been fairly quiet up until now but after a recent announcement of a deal with a dispensary in Arizona a few heads may be turned. The coin uses the GPU friendly x11 hashing algorithm with a ...

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