launches public beta

After a period of turbulence in the Dogecoin community there has been some more positive news today. A group of Dogecoin enthusiasts have launched a public beta release of

Anyone who is serious about cryptocurrency knows that consumer and merchant adoption is the key to long term success. The more businesses that accept a given cryptocurrency, the more useful it is. As I keep an eye on the goings on in the world of cryptocurrency, it seems like people have forgotten that adoption is the key to success. Speculators seem to invest heavily in currencies with small technological innovations without properly gauging how useful they would be in the real world.

Caffeinated Peanut Butter anyone?

The newly launched does not sell any products directly, but instead aims to “index, categorize, and make searchable every single (legal) product that can be bought with Dogecoin”. Only after reading the announcement on reddit did it occur to me how important a site like this actually could be.

As a consumer who owns Dogecoin it is not immediately apparent what I can do with them. There are occasional sites that I come across whilst browsing but if I get the urge to treat myself and buy something it could take a little bit of searching around to find out what is available. If I want something specific then again it can be a bit of a headache to find out if you can buy it with Dogecoin. will provide a central platform for finding whatever you want to buy with doge. We have tons and tons of small businesses. We are listing all of their products onto one userfriendly website. Next time someone asks “what can I buy with dogecoin” send them here!

By gathering everything I could buy in one place, it immediately makes the process a lot smoother which is an important thing from a consumer perspective. From a merchant’s perspective they can use the site for free to advertise their products and services in a place that will inevitably have consumers with Dogecoin to spend.

By providing a service which makes Dogecoin adoption easier for both consumers and merchants is a great and useful site for anyone interested in using Dogecoin.

  • Bradley Carpenter

    Hi there, thanks for writing the article! I am /u/addm3plz, one of the backend web developers for

    I’m not saying soon, but I would love to start work on buying direct if anyone is interested!

    Bradley Carpenter