Architectcoin (ARCH) integrates wallet, IRC and Bittrex monitoring.


Selection_084Faithful readers know how I have been tracking technology convergence in the cryptocurrency space.  Previous observations and comments regarding Darkwallet and Cannacoin and their successes in this area have been published.  Now, the recently announced ArchitectCoin has extended the vision by additionally integrating Bittrex exchange monitoring directly into their wallet.

The communications integration is promised to go beyond simple, IRC chat.

For those who may not know back when Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin he made what was called a “master key”.  This master key had the ability to broadcast messages across the bitcoin network wallets.  There are many things that this can be used for and in almost every single altcoin wallet this feature simply doesn’t exist, until now.  We implemented properly working alerting and checkpoint server features that allows us to instantly notify users of network problems (i.e forks or mandatory wallet updates) and handle them in more effective manner.  We will sometimes use this to pass messages to all those with open wallets as well to communicate certain things we only want our investors/community to be aware of before going public with them ie: new features etc.  These alerts will show up in the notification bar on a Windows machine near the time clock.

This is a 100% proof of stake coin that will be born on Bittrex with an ICO that is currently scheduled to end at 9PM Eastern time on 7/19/2014.

The only way to acquire ARCH is through a limited, 96-hour ICO held at Bittrex. There is no mining at all - so no “dumping” risk to the investors. We are delivering a carefully crafted and professional wallet and PoS network backed by a team of crypto experts.

Our Initial Coin Offering “ICO” will be held on Bittrex’s exchange versus running it ourselves for the safety and efficiency of all investors. When ARCH opens on Bittrex it will be available for purchase at a rate of 2800 satoshi per coin (0.000028). All 5,000,000 coins will be available for purchase with no limitation per account on the number that can be purchased.

Interested parties can join and/or watch the ICO action here.

ArchitectCoin appears to be a new contender, poised to extend the paradigm of the forming cryptocurrency wallet / chat / exchange convergence.

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