Blackcoin Foundation has announced “active support” for CXC payment platform


Blackcoin Foundation announces “active support” for the CXC CheckoutCoin project - a full-featured Point-of-Sale platform for cryptocurrencies This news piece is complimentary to the article which you should read here for more info about CXC. Many people within the cryptocurrency community, particularly the Blackcoin community, were surprised when the Blackcoin Foundation announced that it will provide “active support” for the CXC ...

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CheckoutCoin (CXC) to launch currency-agnostic payment platform inside QT wallet as “conditional freeware”

cxc register

I know what you’re thinking… do we really need more altcoins?  Some of you may have read the article about Quatloocoin and the Quatloo trader that I wrote about here. That article introduced the first “conditional freeware” in the altcoin space developed by Mr. Markus for advanced trading features across multiple exchanges that is still being developed.  There’s a new platform being ...

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Cannapay: Uniting Cannabis and Cryptocurrency in one Platform


Disclaimer: The author of this article is a member of the CCN development team Background on cannabis-related coins: There are a lot of cannabis-related coins these days.  Potcoin (POT), Cannacoin (CCN), CannabisCoin (CANN), Hempcoin (THC), Dopecoin (DOPE), and there are more late-comers that have joined the party such as MaryJaneCoin (MaryJ), which is an ICO coin sold on exchange by the creators. Potcoin was the ...

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Dogecoin implements AuxPOW, best solution?

Dogecoin merge Mining

  Dogecoin have announced that they will be hard-forking to allow merge-mining with Litecoin. In recent months a primary concern for Shibes everywhere has been the dwindling network hashrate of the network. If a person or group of people were able to gain more than 51% of the overall hashrate (mining power) then they could cause all kinds of damage ...

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Both BitPay and Moolah launch free forever payment processing plans


Yesterday BitPay announced a new, free-forever plan for merchants and other users wishing to use their Bitcoin payment processing services. Moolah then announced they were planning to do the same with their cryptocurrency services, and were bringing it forward after hearing of BitPay’s new plan. We agree with @bitpay that we should be making it easier for people. From tomorrow, ...

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Architectcoin (ARCH) integrates wallet, IRC and Bittrex monitoring.


Faithful readers know how I have been tracking technology convergence in the cryptocurrency space.  Previous observations and comments regarding Darkwallet and Cannacoin and their successes in this area have been published.  Now, the recently announced ArchitectCoin has extended the vision by additionally integrating Bittrex exchange monitoring directly into their wallet. The communications integration is promised to go beyond simple, IRC chat. For those who ...

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Navajo suffers double-spend attack


  The developers of Navajo have confirmed that a successful double spend attack has occurred on the network with the attacker managing to sell almost one million Navajo on Bittrex. Navajo has been gaining a lot of attention recently after switching the name from SummerCoinV2 and releasing a whitepaper detailing how the developers intend to implement anonymous technology and ironically ...

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MintPal resumes VeriCoin withdrawals after successful rollback


MintPal began allowing VeriCoin withdrawals today according to their latest official update and at least one user on twitter. The VeriCoin that you hold on the MintPal exchange will be unaffected thanks to the VeriCoin developers. As we previously announced, the VRC developers have worked tirelessly to perform something never before done by a cryptocurrency and rollback the blockchain in order to reverse ...

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