Reddcoin Broadcast launches, allows the community to spread your message


Reddcoin aims to be “the social currency”, and it’s things like the newly launched Reddcoin Broadcast platform that are going to make it uniquely social when compared to others. Reddcoin Broadcast is what’s been labelled a crowd-speaking platform, the most popular of which to date is known as Thunderclap. Where crowd-funding allows you to raise funds if you meet your ...

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Karmacoin News: Devs giveaway 100 Million, Vladimir Putin to Disney World, helping Girl Scouts


I’ll admit, the title of this article isn’t one I was expecting either. It seems the Karmacoin developers have been staying busy with some big ideas.  Taking a cue from the Dogecoin community, Karmacoin’s promoters are dedicated to bringing smiles and fun to digital currencies through online tipping and creative crowdfunding. Developers run a 100,000,000 Karmacoin giveaway Karmacoin Project Lead ...

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US Congressman introducing bill to classify cryptos as currency not property


US congressman Steve Stockton of Texas has revealed that he plans to introduce the very first cryptocurrency related bill. The “Virtual Currency Tax Reform Act” intends to see cryptocurrencies reclassified as actual currencies, rather than as property — a decision that was announced by the IRS within the last couple of weeks. Users have expressed their disappointment at this decision as ...

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Dogecoin co-founder speaks on the idea of merged mining with Litecoin

jackson palmer

Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer has now made his thoughts known on the idea of Dogecoin integrating merged mining with Litecoin — which was initially proposed by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. The idea was proposed as a way to secure Dogecoin’s future as we approach the widespread availability of dedicated mining machines or ASICs. Palmer, however, doesn’t seem to feel that ...

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Novelty Lab joins PnP Bitcoin Accelerator Program

novelty lab

Novelty Lab is a San Francisco Bay Area Bitcoin startup that was accepted  into the Plug and Play Bitcoin program on April 1st.  The program is run by the Plug and Play Tech Center.  PnP Bitcoin will be able to provide seed-funding, technical, and legal assistance: Our global network of advisors & mentors help startups further their product development & prepare ...

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Mintcoin removes PoW to fix potential security issues


The Mintcoin team has today released a mandatory wallet update which removes proof-of-work from the coin entirely, meaning Mintcoin is now 100% proof-of-stake. The 1.7 wallet update needs to be installed before the block 220,000, and was pushed out as a means to protect against a potential security flaw that was pointed out on the BitcoinTalk forums recently. Due to ...

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VP of Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis sees the benefits of Ripple


David Andolfatto, Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis released a PDF presentation that discusses Bitcoin in depth.  In it, he covers the positives and the negatives related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The presentation is suprisingly in-depth coming from an official so high up within the Federal Reserve. Even more surprising is his favorable outlook of Ripple within the ...

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