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Novelty Lab joins PnP Bitcoin Accelerator Program

Novelty Lab is a San Francisco Bay Area Bitcoin startup that was accepted  into the Plug and Play Bitcoin program on April 1st.  The program is run by the Plug and Play Tech Center.  PnP Bitcoin will be able to provide seed-funding, technical, and legal assistance:

Our global network of advisors & mentors help startups further their product development & prepare them to present to Silicon Valley’s top investors.

NL was founded by Andrey Zamovskiy and Nickolay Babenko.  Andrey has an impressive background in commercial web development and software engineering and a great team working with him.  The company also lists their CEO as Taras Kuzin - a former director at Western Union and First Data.


The company has plans at the moment for three different products/services: BitMerch, BTC Dealer, and HolyTransaction. BitMerch is an easy to use service that allows for Bitcoin payment processing to be added to your website in minutes.  BTC Dealer is a service to buy Bitcoins with credit cards that is available in some countries.  I am particularly excited about their third offering: HolyTransaction.



HolyTransaction is a full featured online wallet that allows a person to send and receive payments in any currency they want to an email address, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, Twitter profiles, with more social network to be added soon.  In addition to making sending and receiving any currency to anyone easy, you can also convert currencies in multiple pairings using transparent exchange rates.  Novelty Lab plans to add every cryptocurrency possible to this wallet, thus making it a “currency agnostic” wallet.  We would guess that down the road they will also add fiat currencies as well.

Have you had a chance  to try the HolyTransaction beta wallet?  Leave your comments or questions below.

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