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Blackcoin Foundation has announced “active support” for CXC payment platform


Blackcoin Foundation announces “active support” for the CXC CheckoutCoin project - a full-featured Point-of-Sale platform for cryptocurrencies This news piece is complimentary to the article which you should read here for more info about CXC. Many people within the cryptocurrency community, particularly the Blackcoin community, were surprised when the Blackcoin Foundation announced that it will provide “active support” for the CXC ...

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CheckoutCoin (CXC) to launch currency-agnostic payment platform inside QT wallet as “conditional freeware”

cxc register

I know what you’re thinking… do we really need more altcoins?  Some of you may have read the article about Quatloocoin and the Quatloo trader that I wrote about here. That article introduced the first “conditional freeware” in the altcoin space developed by Mr. Markus for advanced trading features across multiple exchanges that is still being developed.  There’s a new platform being ...

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Cannapay: Uniting Cannabis and Cryptocurrency in one Platform


Disclaimer: The author of this article is a member of the CCN development team Background on cannabis-related coins: There are a lot of cannabis-related coins these days.  Potcoin (POT), Cannacoin (CCN), CannabisCoin (CANN), Hempcoin (THC), Dopecoin (DOPE), and there are more late-comers that have joined the party such as MaryJaneCoin (MaryJ), which is an ICO coin sold on exchange by the creators. Potcoin was the ...

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Quatloo Trader: A Triskelion Cryptocurrency on an Intergalactic Mission


Update 12/4/14: CoinJoint has verified and tested version to be functioning on Poloniex, Cryptsy, and Bittrex.  There are now automatic arbitration features! You have the ability to execute manual trades as well as perform automatic trading functions on single markets and across multiple markets!   Quatloo-Trader will be free to use if you hold at least 100 QTL (1000 QTL for ...

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Kassado’s Kingdom: RubyCoin, Coin Lab, and LoveCrypto


Here at CoinJoint, we’ve been keeping our eye on RubyCoin for a few reasons. “Kassado” developed RubyCoin specifically as a method of payment for his Coin Laboratory service.  His service can create anyone a cryptocurrency along with a Windows wallet, nodes for peer to peer wallet connections, and the RubyCoin team can even attempt to get you listed on Bittrex.  All ...

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YouMeAndBTC: Virtual Meetups and Podcasts covering Bitcoin and much more!


YouMeAndBTC is hosted by three guys from Pittsburgh, PA, that are so passionate about Bitcoin and discussing cryptocurrency, they decided to bring their discussions online. The hosts are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker and John Stuart. Their goal is to grow their media outlet and they invite anyone from around the world to join in with them. Many of the discussions ...

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KarmaShares community rises to meet new challenges, Shawn Leary reveals the latest plans of the Karma Community!


Over the last few months, here at CoinJoint we have covered some important changes that came to the Karma community and some of their early Karma initiatives. The community has gone through a tumultuous month when the community decided to take the project in a direction that the original developer did not agree with.  I don’t have exact details, but that is the ...

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Bitcoin Meetup Portland Oregon: Skyhook ATM & More!


Have you ever wanted to put cash into a machine and get Bitcoin sent to your mobile wallet in seconds?  Add Portland, Oregon, to your list of cities where this is possible.  The Bitcoin Meetup Portland meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. I recently attended the Bitcoin Meetup at Lucky Lab Brewing Company in order to check out ...

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