YouMeAndBTC: Virtual Meetups and Podcasts covering Bitcoin and much more!


YouMeAndBTC is hosted by three guys from Pittsburgh, PA, that are so passionate about Bitcoin and discussing cryptocurrency, they decided to bring their discussions online. The hosts are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker and John Stuart. Their goal is to grow their media outlet and they invite anyone from around the world to join in with them.

Many of the discussions involve science, philosophy, economics, politics, sociology, history, and other world affairs in relation to Bitcoin.

In addition to podcasting they are also hosting virtual meetups that anyone can participate in.  Their first virtual meetup was very successful with about 7 people from around the world joining in to discuss different topics and answer questions posed by viewers.  There was a wide range of knowledge at the first meetup: computer scientists, underground coders, college students, and even a former banker that worked in London for big banks.  There’s all types of people involved in Bitcoin and the YMB platform exists to bring them together.

We got in contact with YMB to find out more about their media platform and their plans for the future!

Daniel Brown from YMB answered some questions for us:

CJ: Who is YMB/how did you get started?

Daniel: You, Me, and BTC is a Bitcoin website with a variety of content and featuring a weekly podcast. We occasionally write product reviews, Bitcoin commentaries, etc., but recently the podcast has become our main focus. It all began when a small group of Bitcoin enthusiasts, now the three co-hosts of the show, realized that they talked about Bitcoin all the time. We decided it would be worth trying to record our conversations and have been improving our skills ever since.

CJ: How has YMB helped your team get more involved in Bitcoin?

Daniel: One of the greatest things about running a Bitcoin podcast is meeting people. We get to sit down and chat personally with some important and amazing people. We tend to learn quite a bit from our guests as well. We have also made an effort to become as involved as possible in the more general community, like on the forums and in the IRC channels.

CJ: What does YMB hope to accomplish in the near future?

Daniel: One of our primary goals at the moment is expanding. We recently had our site redesigned and we now have a fair bit of podcasting experience under our belts. This means that we are a bit more prepared for a wider audience and we want to reach as many people as possible. One way we plan to do this is by making connections through our monthly virtual Bitcoin meetup on Google Hangouts. Anyone is welcome to join those and chat about anything Bitcoin related. We are also planning to travel to a Bitcoin conference soon where we hope to meet and interact with all kinds of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

CJ: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Daniel: We are always looking for feedback! If you have any thoughts at all about the show, good or bad, long or short, we’d love to hear from you. You can leave a comment on our site or tweet to @YouMeAndBTC. If you’re willing to leave a tip as well, that would be a great help to us. Each article and episode has it’s own unique donation address which helps us keep track of what people like the most, so make sure you tip what you really like!

You can visit YouMeAndBTC on the web or find them on Twitter: @YouMeAndBTC as well as Facebook: YouMeAndBTC

CoinJoint would like to thank YMB for hosting such an awesome discussion platform and we look forward to participating with them in many awesome discussions in the future! :)

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