Catching up with Digibyte

digibyte robot

Digibyte has been around for a relatively long time in the context of cryptocurrency. Launched in early January 2014, it has been ever present through the rise and fall of many short lived altcoins and continues to progress quietly in the background. Earlier this year I wrote about Digibyte’s proposed switch to a Myriadcoin style multi-algorithm approach to hashing. The ...

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CannabisCoin: Payment solution for Marijuana Industry


Another name to add to the ever growing list of cannabis related cryptocurrencies is CannabisCoin. Launched on 20th April 2014 (of course), things have been fairly quiet up until now but after a recent announcement of a deal with a dispensary in Arizona a few heads may be turned. The coin uses the GPU friendly x11 hashing algorithm with a ...

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YouMeAndBTC: Virtual Meetups and Podcasts covering Bitcoin and much more!


YouMeAndBTC is hosted by three guys from Pittsburgh, PA, that are so passionate about Bitcoin and discussing cryptocurrency, they decided to bring their discussions online. The hosts are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker and John Stuart. Their goal is to grow their media outlet and they invite anyone from around the world to join in with them. Many of the discussions ...

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Catching up with Vertcoin Athlete


The rapid growth of cryptocurrency has inspired much innovation and opened the doors of opportunity to aspirational individuals with big ideas. Brandon Kurtz and his newly launched brand, Vertcoin Athlete, is one such example of this. An astute idea with the potential to positively influence people’s health whilst promoting his preferred cryptocurrency - Vertcoin. In mid-March 2014, Brandon, a Vertcoin ...

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Piggycoin interview: Bringing kids into cryptos


As a parent who is involved in the cryptocurrency scene myself, Piggycoin is something I’ve been watching. They aim to become an introductory coin for the younger ones out there — who might one day be using cryptocurrency as part of their daily routine. I spoke with João, who is the founder of Piggycoin, to find out more about what they’re ...

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