Piggycoin interview: Bringing kids into cryptos

As a parent who is involved in the cryptocurrency scene myself, Piggycoin is something I’ve been watching. They aim to become an introductory coin for the younger ones out there — who might one day be using cryptocurrency as part of their daily routine. I spoke with João, who is the founder of Piggycoin, to find out more about what they’re doing. 

Could you start by telling us a little about the coin and its specs?

Our team likes to describe Piggycoin as the “Bitcoin for Kids”, I like to go further though, I believe we are the coin for kids and everyone who isn’t a kid anymore but wants to get into crypto in a funny and simple way.

Piggycoin will have 2.1 billions coins. There are currently 4000 coins in each block, in +- 8 years the block rewards will be only 10 coins/block, we are also using KGW.

What’s your overall aim for this coin?

Our overall aim for this coin is getting children involved and interested in the emerging world of cryptocurrencies, I started this because I strongly believe that crypto will take over the current fiat currencies that dominate our world and education is a fundamental tool in the process.

Do you expect it to become a coin that people use all the time? Or are you poising Piggy Coin as a stepping stone to the other cryptocurrencies?

This is a great question and something I’ve thought a lot about.

The reached conclusion was that Piggycoin is, without a doubt, the necessary first involvement in the cryptoworld. Children will be able to use it in their favourite websites and parents will be able to give their kids rewards in PIG. As you grow older you would start to disconnect from the piggy cartoonish world and start to get into Bitcoin/altcoins with the basic knowledge of how they work and how you can use them.

How have things been going since the launch?

Things have been great! The thing i’m most surprised about is, undoubtedly, the community support. I’m seeing a lot of people believing in this idea and wanting PIG to succeed. The community brought a lot of ideas to the table I hadn’t even considered and they’re, in my opinion, one of the things that will make us stand out in the future.
What are you doing to try and make it more accessible to children?

Children accessibility is one of our main concerns, we have three maxims: fun, simplicity and security. You don’t want children not be able to use crypto because it’s too complicated. The main objective is to help them starting in this world while they have fun doing it.

My opinion (and that’s one of the main reasons why I created this coin) is that cryptos are failing miserably in educating the standard citizen, we have this amazing technology and most people think of it as a scam or they don’t even know about it… So we are reaching out to educators (teachers, parents, speakers) so education among those who are outside the crypto community about cryptos can start, the value of this education is enormous and shouldn’t be undervalued because succeeding in educating this generation is one of the main steps that can help cryptos be widely used and accepted in 10/15 years.

I feel the way a standard crypto wallet works is still a little much for younger kids. Do you have any plans to make something custom and more child-friendly?

We have plans to do a full desktop wallet customization but that’s not our top priority.

At the moment we are working on mobile wallets integrated with a web wallet, this will be a key element in the simplicity motto since it will focus on a “less is more” and “easy to setup” crypto environment, unlike what we all the coins have now.

It will be easier than ever for children and parents to the Piggybanks whether they are on their tablets or smartphones

Do you have any tips for parents that want to get their children into cryptos by way of Piggy Coin?

We have a big section in our website dedicated to the parents but if I had to summarize it I would suggest them to download the piggybank and then win some coins by playing in our educative faucet !

Piggycoin: 7Jn3VMZsjhYj63egJ5ZnjK6PWhskDQfewd