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Both BitPay and Moolah launch free forever payment processing plans


Yesterday BitPay announced a new, free-forever plan for merchants and other users wishing to use their Bitcoin payment processing services. Moolah then announced they were planning to do the same with their cryptocurrency services, and were bringing it forward after hearing of BitPay’s new plan. We agree with @bitpay that we should be making it easier for people. From tomorrow, ...

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Not enough Minerals? StarCraft & E-sports focused cryptocurrency doing cool things


Minerals is a cryptocurrency targeting the e-sports crowd, and themed heavily upon StarCraft. E-sports is the act of playing video games competitively and often in professional teams. StarCraft is a very complex real-time strategy game — often likened to chess — which focuses a lot on the collection of resources, one of which is called ‘minerals’. I know this because I’m both ...

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Cryptsy statement clears up the Reddcoin situation after 51% attempt


Cryptsy staff-member, Mullick, took to Reddit yesterday and issued a statement to clear up any confusion about the situation with Reddcoin on Cryptsy. The clarifications were needed after somebody had attempted to carry out a 51% attack on Reddcoin via the Cryptsy exchange — selling Reddcoin for Bitcoin, then reversing the original Reddcoin deposit. The post reads: As many of ...

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Nautiluscoin to sponsor ex UFC star, Jon Fitch


Sponsoring various campaigns is fast becoming a regular occurrence within the crypto scene. The latest is a Nautiluscoin sponsorship of ex UFC fighter, Jon Fitch, in his July 5th fight versus Dennis Hallman at World Series of Fighting 11. A former UFC fighter, Fitch is a big name in the sport, previously challenging Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title ...

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BitPay hires former Visa exec, Tim Byun


Bitcoin payment processor BitPay is growing fast, now with over 40 employees worldwide. The latest to join their team is Tim Byun, who comes from a rather big name in the world of making payments, Visa Inc. Byun has formerly held a position at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, as well as holding the role as Visa’s head of ...

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Yesterday I found myself with some Bitcoin in my wallet, and a need to purchase something from Amazon. LocalBitcoins would be the usual place I went, but this time I decided I’d try bypass that route by way of purchasing an Amazon gift card from are a UK-based company, offering various gift cards for UK retailers in return ...

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CryptoAltex Exchange is closing down


Online coin exchange website CryptoAltex has today announced it will be closing down completely in the near future. A lack of volume appears to be the main reasoning behind the decision. Earlier today, CryptoAltex team member ‘Chiznitz’, wrote on the site: CryptoALTeX will be shutting down soon. The volume and interest has not been enough to justify the time spent ...

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