CryptoAltex Exchange is closing down

Online coin exchange website CryptoAltex has today announced it will be closing down completely in the near future. A lack of volume appears to be the main reasoning behind the decision.

Earlier today, CryptoAltex team member ‘Chiznitz’, wrote on the site:

CryptoALTeX will be shutting down soon. The volume and interest has not been enough to justify the time spent working on the exchange and missing out on our families. Please withdraw all funds and thank you for trusting us to hold your funds.

It’s a shame to see a site closing down like this, but I guess it’s just one of those things that will always happen with such fierce competition in the market. That said, it’s rather pleasing to see an exchange closing down amicably for a change, rather than due to hacking or incompetence.

No date was given for when the site will officially close its doors, so I’d recommend you get your coins out sooner rather than later to be totally safe.

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