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CryptoAltex Exchange is closing down


Online coin exchange website CryptoAltex has today announced it will be closing down completely in the near future. A lack of volume appears to be the main reasoning behind the decision. Earlier today, CryptoAltex team member ‘Chiznitz’, wrote on the site: CryptoALTeX will be shutting down soon. The volume and interest has not been enough to justify the time spent ...

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Moolah announces Prelude, a digital currency exchange that supports every coin on their platform.


Moolah.io, the altcoin payments platform has announced they will be opening up an altcoin exchange called Prelude. The creators of Moolah have big plans for Prelude, according to Moolah.io founder in this reddit post: “We’re launching day 1 with BTC as the pairing mechanism. At the end of week 1, we’re enabling pairing between any currency combination. At the end ...

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