MintPal resumes VeriCoin withdrawals after successful rollback


MintPal began allowing VeriCoin withdrawals today according to their latest official update and at least one user on twitter.

The VeriCoin that you hold on the MintPal exchange will be unaffected thanks to the VeriCoin developers. As we previously announced, the VRC developers have worked tirelessly to perform something never before done by a cryptocurrency and rollback the blockchain in order to reverse the two malicious transactions.

The developers of VeriCoin released the much anticipated updates to the wallets which reversed the theft of 8 million VeriCoins from the MintPal exchange on Sunday.  Instructions on the installation process, which includes a bootstrap file with the updated blockchain, are posted by VeriCoin developer effectsToCause.

Go here to download the new wallet:

Backup your wallet.dat first before proceeding, it’s location is listed below for your system.

We recommend deleting everything but wallet.dat in your username\appdata\roaming\VeriCoin folder and running the default installer settings. This will load up the full block and you will be on the splash screen for 30-60 minutes while it loads at the blockchain data.

We recommend deleting everything but wallet.dat from user/library/applicationsupport/vericoin and putting these two files in this directory as well:
You will sit at the splash screen for 30-60 minutes while the whole blockchain loads up.


  • Patrick

    utterly amazing that this was done so quickly!

  • Howard