Myriadcoin announce SMS wallet is working in closed beta testing

myriadcoin-sms-walletMyriadcoin have tonight taken to Reddit to show off a screenshot of a new SMS-based wallet for the coin. This news comes soon after they announced an Electrum-based desktop wallet  earlier this week.

The implications for an SMS-based wallet are rather huge, as it means anybody who is capable of sending a text message on their phone will be able to send, receive and hold Myriadcoins. It will open up the accessibility of Myriadcoin in regions where WiFi and high speed data connections aren’t available.

The “ninja announcement” reads:

The project is in partenership with a reputable sms wallet creator (who I shan’t name at the moment), is still in closed beta testing as you can see. The implications of this project are huge and shall be gradually revealed after we open for public beta testing.

It appears that this news will make Myriadcoin the very first coin other than Bitcoin to have this feature available.

Source: Reddit