Myriadcoin gets an Electrum-based wallet

The Myriadcoin team has announced the availability of a beta wallet release for Myriadcoin based upon the Electrum Bitcoin wallet.

This new wallet is great for speed and ease-of-use, as it syncs immediately by not having to download any blockchain information (much like a MultiBit-based wallet). It also has a rather cool “lite” option, which hides everything except the most important of features (displays current balance and allows for sending).

The other great feature included with this wallet is one which eliminates the need for backing-up wallet.dat files. Instead, upon creating your wallet you are given a unique, 12 word phrase known as a ‘seed’. At any time you can recover your entire wallet by simply entering this phrase and clicking a button (so note that you’d better not share it with anyone).


This new wallet is currently available in beta for Windows, you can find the simple installation file download over on GitHub.