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It’s a chatroom, it’s a tipbot, it’s a crypto wallet: Meet Cannacoin’s CannaTip IRC Bot

cannacoin feature

For over a year I have been anticipating a convergence of chat and crypto wallet technologies. Dark Wallet has achieved this in a spectacular manner and I have reviewed it previously. Now, the CannaCoin developers have released a new version of their #cannacoin channel freenode IRC tipbot that functions to integrate chat, tipping, accessing and analyzing live market data and conducting ...

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Myriadcoin gets an Electrum-based wallet


The Myriadcoin team has announced the availability of a beta wallet release for Myriadcoin based upon the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. This new wallet is great for speed and ease-of-use, as it syncs immediately by not having to download any blockchain information (much like a MultiBit-based wallet). It also has a rather cool “lite” option, which hides everything except the most ...

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Report from the frontlines: Dark Wallet alpha testing

dark wallet

Article by Phil Cohen:   “The value of cryptocurrency isn’t as a marketing ploy or to shave a few bucks off transaction fees, it’s a political statement—a radical and revolutionary tool.” - Cody Wilson, Dark Wallet co-founder “computer science, computer science, the cutting edge, get involved … Don’t just download the latest app, help design it.” - President Barack Obama “No masters, ...

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Mintcoin: How to maximize the interest earned on your coins


If this is your first time hearing about Mintcoin, it’s the first coin to reward the holders of the coin large amounts of new coins simply by holding the coins they own in a wallet. This method of delivering new coins is called proof-of-stake or PoS, as opposed to the more common method of mining with proof-of-work (PoW).  Peercoin was ...

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Donkey Koin ‘MegaWallet’ beta launches


Donkey Koin have launched the beta of what they’re labelling the “internet’s first cryptocurrency MegaWallet”. An online wallet which allows you to store a large number of different altcoins in one place. Having already had a peak at the beta, it does a good job of that; offering a list of coins and balances alongside a few buttons to send ...

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