It’s a chatroom, it’s a tipbot, it’s a crypto wallet: Meet Cannacoin’s CannaTip IRC Bot

cannacoin featureFor over a year I have been anticipating a convergence of chat and crypto wallet technologies.

Dark Wallet has achieved this in a spectacular manner and I have reviewed it previously.

Now, the CannaCoin developers have released a new version of their #cannacoin channel freenode IRC tipbot that functions to integrate chat, tipping, accessing and analyzing live market data and conducting generalized wallet transactions.  The clever solution, depending only on IRC accomplishes a dandy end-run around Apple Computer’s ban on mobile cryptocoin applications. With two copy/paste operations a cryptocoin payment is accomplished.

Generalized payments can be made, in CannaCoin, to any address in any amount.   Through the inventive leveraging of IRC, CannaCoin now has a mobile payment solution that operates on every operating system and every mobile device.

I call your attention to the recently added !send command…


!send Ccu4UiHSmoYA2xH9ULbm51NfW3RouiJNVm 3.45 will cause 3.45 CCN to be sent to the indicated address.

CannaTip now provides the following commands:

!send <Cannacoin address> <amount> - send CCN to an address
!balance - displays your current wallet balance
!address - displays Cannacoin address where you can send your funds to the tip bot
!withdraw <Cannacoin address> - withdraws your whole wallet balance to specified address (you will be charged 0.001CCN withdrawal fee)
!tip <nick> <amount> - sends the specified amount of Cannacoin to the specified nickname
!rain <amount> [max] - splits amount coins between max users or the whole channel
!flip <amount> - flips a coin and lands on a random user
!network - displays the current network details (block, networkhashps, difficulty)
!swisscex - displays market data provided by
!bittrex - displays market data provided by
!average - displays the current ask-bid spread in satoshis (BTC) from
!rates - displays the current price of CCN in USD, Yen & Euro as well as the current BTC price from
!terms - displays terms and conditions for using CannaTip

The CCN network and community now have a general purpose, command line, wallet solution that is OS agnostic and widely available.  It even works on iOS devices!  I believe that these kinds of convergences between chat and crypto payment systems will truly point the way to amazing future applications and capabilities.
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