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fObfuscate: Hardware, Two Factor, Anonymous, Authentication for crypto wallets and more


fObsfuscate! FObfuscate is a recently announced, cloud based, identity provider making fast inroads to crypto street.  The hardware 2FAA (two factor anonymous authentication) solution offers Yubikey provisioning with a shared secret, complete activity logging, multiple & lost fob capabilities with out of band, real time, notification via SMS and / or email. Yubikey fObfuscate has chosen to partner with Yubikey because their ...

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Crypto Bounties: Sometimes it’s all empty promises


Fanfare abounds regarding the new distributed crypto economy, kick-starters and bounties.   I’m sure most of it is above board and legitimate.  We all dream of self empoyment and self determination and this model fuels that vision. However, as 51% attacks and other nefarious actions well demonstrate, some folks can’t be trusted and can’t engage in a community minded manner. Unfortunately, I ...

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Architectcoin (ARCH) integrates wallet, IRC and Bittrex monitoring.


Faithful readers know how I have been tracking technology convergence in the cryptocurrency space.  Previous observations and comments regarding Darkwallet and Cannacoin and their successes in this area have been published.  Now, the recently announced ArchitectCoin has extended the vision by additionally integrating Bittrex exchange monitoring directly into their wallet. The communications integration is promised to go beyond simple, IRC chat. For those who ...

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Washington State Cannabis Growers Investing In Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware


  Those seeking a coin backed by gold might do well to consider Acapulco Gold. An increasing number of Washington state cannabis growers are becoming directly involved in crypto through barter, direct purchase and mining.  Several informative exchanges, rich with technical content, have taken place between long-time miners and members of the Northwest Green Thumb Cannabis Grower’s Forum, within the #cannacoin ...

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DarkWallet alpha 5 released as development pace accelerates

dark wallet

The DarkWallet developers have released alpha 5 for testing. It’s clear the pace is quickening as progress is made toward the anticipated beta release.  The use of real bitcoin is still inadvisable. One tester likened this wallet to a Tesla in that it delivers far more than is generally expected. There is a real sense of the acceleration and importance ...

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CannaCoin opens its own online store


  Cannacoin, a cryptocurrency which aims to be the currency for the medical marijuana industry, has officially opened its own online store. A clean and functional e-commerce solution is a very important, almost essential, asset for any cryptocurrency that wants to be taken seriously, and Cannacart does not fail to deliver. The site is sharp looking, has snappy performance and ...

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Dark Wallet Alpha 4 available for download

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 6.28.59 AM

  Dark Wallet Alpha 4 is now available for download and testing. I quote directly from the Dark Wallet alpha 4 release notes. This Alpha4 release is the ‘multisig’ release where we have finished automatizing multisig actions so they don’t need copy pasting of funny scripts.   Testers are requested to continue to “test everything” and report bugs using the ...

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It’s a chatroom, it’s a tipbot, it’s a crypto wallet: Meet Cannacoin’s CannaTip IRC Bot

cannacoin feature

For over a year I have been anticipating a convergence of chat and crypto wallet technologies. Dark Wallet has achieved this in a spectacular manner and I have reviewed it previously. Now, the CannaCoin developers have released a new version of their #cannacoin channel freenode IRC tipbot that functions to integrate chat, tipping, accessing and analyzing live market data and conducting ...

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Greedy Mining: Are you renting too much hashpower?


My original intent was to write a simple piece about mining cryptocurrency with leased rigs.  Along the way, I uncovered some things that I felt were more important to communicate than how to find the best deal on a rig. The same, seemingly endless, arms-race that the Bitcoin community has been living with is inevitable for altcoins too.  It is ...

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