CannaCoin opens its own online store


Cannacoin, a cryptocurrency which aims to be the currency for the medical marijuana industry, has officially opened its own online store.

A clean and functional e-commerce solution is a very important, almost essential, asset for any cryptocurrency that wants to be taken seriously, and Cannacart does not fail to deliver. The site is sharp looking, has snappy performance and provides a smooth experience. Payment can be made in your choice of US Dollars, Euros, Pounds or CannaCoin.

The store currently stocks e-cigerettes or vaporizer pens, ‘dab stations’ and handmade glass pipes.

Don’t touch her, she’s mine.

Don’t touch her, she’s mine.

The user interface is well designed and when completing a purchase, the experience was intuitive and seamless, while the payment went through almost instantaneously. I was attracted to and selected a deep red, hand blown pipe — and mere moments after my CCN payment was submitted a sales confirmation email had arrived.

The developer stated that the software is designed to be easily adaptable and is envisioned to be replicated across the entire spectrum of emerging CannaCoin-accepting, online businesses.

With the emergence of a top shelf online store and close ties with the Washington state cannabis community, NWGT, CannaCoin may have considerably extended its reach.


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