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It’s a chatroom, it’s a tipbot, it’s a crypto wallet: Meet Cannacoin’s CannaTip IRC Bot

cannacoin feature

For over a year I have been anticipating a convergence of chat and crypto wallet technologies. Dark Wallet has achieved this in a spectacular manner and I have reviewed it previously. Now, the CannaCoin developers have released a new version of their #cannacoin channel freenode IRC tipbot that functions to integrate chat, tipping, accessing and analyzing live market data and conducting ...

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Greedy Mining: Are you renting too much hashpower?


My original intent was to write a simple piece about mining cryptocurrency with leased rigs.  Along the way, I uncovered some things that I felt were more important to communicate than how to find the best deal on a rig. The same, seemingly endless, arms-race that the Bitcoin community has been living with is inevitable for altcoins too.  It is ...

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What makes a good altcoin in 2014?


Everybody is looking for the next cryptocurrency that’s going to take off. There are plenty to choose from already, and new coins are releasing almost daily. So what makes for a good altcoin? It’s a question that’s very difficult to answer in any certain terms. When we look at success stories such as Dogecoin, it really demonstrates that most any ...

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AltCoin releases this week: March 17th 2014


Each week here on Coin Joint we’ll try our best to bring you a list of the week’s altcoin releases, here’s what’s coming up over the next 7 days. Do any of them take your fancy? Coin Name Day Date Time Green Coin [ZRO] Tuesday March 18th 3:00am GMT Cable Coin [CAB] Wednesday March 19th 4:00pm GMT WOTcoin [WOT] Wednesday ...

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