Report from the frontlines: Dark Wallet alpha testing

dark wallet

Article by Phil Cohen:   “The value of cryptocurrency isn’t as a marketing ploy or to shave a few bucks off transaction fees, it’s a political statement—a radical and revolutionary tool.” - Cody Wilson, Dark Wallet co-founder “computer science, computer science, the cutting edge, get involved … Don’t just download the latest app, help design it.” - President Barack Obama “No masters, ...

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Caishen (CAI) becomes CAIx, moves from PoW to PoS.


Caishen, a cryptocurrency released on March 13 of this year, also stands for “God of Wealth” in Chinese.  Today, the currency known by it’s abbreviation CAI, is transforming into CAIx which means holders of CAI may also be blessed with the “God of Wealth”, by having the opportunity to earn interest on their coins.  Beginning on May 18, all CAIx will be created through PoS at ...

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Einsteinium rewards first Epoch to cancer researcher Walter Moss.

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The Einsteinium Foundation recently concluded voting for the first Epoch, an event that selects the recipient for funding advanced science with the cryptocurrency. Epoch 1 voting resulted in Dr. Walter Moss winning for his research titled: Can viral molecular structures cause cancer?  The winner receives approximately 2% of all mined Einsteinium (or EMC2) which is set aside for scientific research. Dr. Moss ...

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