Interview: CEO of Appcoin, the coin for mobile applications

Appcoin launched a couple of weeks back, on March 9th. As the name suggests, Appcoin is aimed at the purchase and selling of mobile applications.

Earlier today I got the chance to speak with Peter, the CEO of Appcoin. He speaks about how things are going so far, and what they have planned for the future of the coin.

Could you start by telling us a little bit about Appcoin?

Appcoin is a recently launched cryptocurrency that is based on the Litecoin open source scrypt-algorithm. The Appcoin development team was established by professional cryptocurrency-scene enthusiasts during the winter time of 2013, with an endeavour to provide digital application markets with an alternative, real digital payment option that could serve the growing numbers of customers willing to purchase applications from specific distribution platforms with a digital currency. Appcoin isn’t only easy to use, but also has extreme potential to handle the usually rather small cost online transactions that application purchases tend to be.

How have things been going since the launch?

We are currently satisfied with the progress and milestones we’ve achieved so far, although we have still lots of work to do to achieve a stable role within the online payment markets. We have managed to grow a steady community base that has already assisted in reaching some of our goals with a significant contribution. We are extremely pleased to work together with the Appcoin community to develop and release new Appcoin related services and projects.

How will it benefit App developers to use Appcoin over both FIAT and other cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are overall a lot more suitable payment option for online purchases rather than the FIAT currencies. As for the other cryptocurrencies, Appcoin has most potential as an alternative for digital product purchases, since it specializes on this particular market area by co-operating and partnering up with the most influential operators and service providers. Appcoin distinguishes with its professional and dedicated development team, reliable customer service, strong community and the exquisite entity.

What services are you working on (or plan to work on) to help developers integrate payments?

We are currently working to release a payment processor service for Appcoin that would help with integrating it as a valid payment method for webstores and merchant services. With the payment processor, Appcoin integration will become effortless and fast for merchandisers and webstore owners.

What’s the ultimate goal for the coin? An Appcoin App Store? To be accepted in other app stores?

The ultimate goal for Appcoin is to get widely accepted among the biggest application distribution platforms like Apple’s App Store, Google Play, Nokia Store etc. Although another major goal that we will likely accomplish before major acceptance is our own application distribution platform/store that will use Appcoin as a payment method for purchasing the digital products available in the store. The service is currently under construction and we’ll release more information about it soon.

Do you plan to branch out into markets aside from mobile applications? Perhaps desktop software, games or something else?

Yes. Although Appcoin specializes on application markets, it fits perfectly for purchasing desktop software and games. Online game markets ar the ones that we’ll be focusing on especially, as the markets include lots of potential customers that would benefit from having the option to use a proper cryptocurrency to buy their favourite games with.

Many thanks to Peter for taking the time to speak with us about Appcoin. We are also going to be launching an Appcoin giveaway later today, with a total of 500,000 APP to be given away!

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  1. Good interview with good questions. APP looks potential on long-term..!

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