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Myriadcoin announce Multi-Algo Merged Mining Auto-Exchanging Multi-Pool


After a recent string of news such as the release of an Electrum based wallet and upcoming SMS wallets, Myriadcoin have announced the upcoming release of a merged mining multi-pool. The official name ‘Multi-Algo Merged Mining Auto-Exchanging Multi-Pool’ (abbreviated to MAMM[AE]MP) is quite a mouthful but if you look a little closer you will understand how cool the idea actually ...

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Myriadcoin gets an Electrum-based wallet


The Myriadcoin team has announced the availability of a beta wallet release for Myriadcoin based upon the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. This new wallet is great for speed and ease-of-use, as it syncs immediately by not having to download any blockchain information (much like a MultiBit-based wallet). It also has a rather cool “lite” option, which hides everything except the most ...

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Myriadcoin and why you should maybe take notice


If you haven’t heard of Myriadcoin yet, you should have. Launched on 23rd February 2014, Myriadcoin has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. With recent announcements many from the altcoin community have started to pay close attention to the potential of Myriadcoin and the innovation it brings. One of the hot topics for many cryptocurrencies ...

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