Employer pays Reddcoin to staff as weekly salary


To avoid his staff from “cringing at him when reddcoin explodes in value.”, business owner bravenewcoin on reddit today announced that he is paying his staff entirely in Reddcoin for one week.  To do so, the owner purchased 8.5 BTC of the cryptocurrency. They all did their research and agreed they can afford it/risk it. As owner of a mining farm and cryptocurrency tracking ...

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BitPay hires former Visa exec, Tim Byun


Bitcoin payment processor BitPay is growing fast, now with over 40 employees worldwide. The latest to join their team is Tim Byun, who comes from a rather big name in the world of making payments, Visa Inc. Byun has formerly held a position at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, as well as holding the role as Visa’s head of ...

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Honorcoin announces Anonymity Airdrop, mixing system based on CoinJoin


The team behind Honorcoin has announced via Reddit their plan to deliver anonymity once and for all.  The project is titled Anonymity Airdrop, and promises to be a major change for all cryptocurrencies. We have developed a thin wallet that connects to Nodes using a mixing system based in CoinJoin. This system will be entirely open source and we will publish a guide on how to ...

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Myriadcoin announce Multi-Algo Merged Mining Auto-Exchanging Multi-Pool


After a recent string of news such as the release of an Electrum based wallet and upcoming SMS wallets, Myriadcoin have announced the upcoming release of a merged mining multi-pool. The official name ‘Multi-Algo Merged Mining Auto-Exchanging Multi-Pool’ (abbreviated to MAMM[AE]MP) is quite a mouthful but if you look a little closer you will understand how cool the idea actually ...

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CryptoAltex Exchange is closing down


Online coin exchange website CryptoAltex has today announced it will be closing down completely in the near future. A lack of volume appears to be the main reasoning behind the decision. Earlier today, CryptoAltex team member ‘Chiznitz’, wrote on the site: CryptoALTeX will be shutting down soon. The volume and interest has not been enough to justify the time spent ...

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Myriadcoin gets an Electrum-based wallet


The Myriadcoin team has announced the availability of a beta wallet release for Myriadcoin based upon the Electrum Bitcoin wallet. This new wallet is great for speed and ease-of-use, as it syncs immediately by not having to download any blockchain information (much like a MultiBit-based wallet). It also has a rather cool “lite” option, which hides everything except the most ...

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Cinni announce encrypted messaging system

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Cinni have announced that they will be releasing an update in ten to fourteen days that implements an encrypted messaging system within the wallet. Anonymity is a hot topic right now in the cryptocurrency world and the announcement is set to create a lot of buzz. Included in this release are essential tools to conduct secure encrypted point of sale ...

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