Cinni announce encrypted messaging system


Cinni have announced that they will be releasing an update in ten to fourteen days that implements an encrypted messaging system within the wallet. Anonymity is a hot topic right now in the cryptocurrency world and the announcement is set to create a lot of buzz.

Included in this release are essential tools to conduct secure encrypted point of sale commerce and are all a first in crypto currency:

  1. Encrypted messaging system in client with wallet to wallet messaging platform.
  2. Encrypted order form sent wallet to wallet.
  3. Encrypted invoice generation sent wallet to wallet.
  4. Encrypted receipt delivery sent wallet to wallet.

A timeline of planned updates have also been announced including a combined Bitcoin and Cinni wallet and various e-commerce and retail tools.

Darkcoin and x11Coin had previously been leading the way in terms on anonymity with a massive following behind darkcoin in particular. Interestingly the announcement ends with the statement:

Darkcoin and XC coin only anonymize half of the transaction (the actual transfer of payment). The communication between buyer and seller is left wide open and can be intercepted by a third party. There are ways to mitigate the communication risk however the communication risk to anonymity remains more significant than the payment risk to anonymity. The system being developed at CINNI will use the encrypted messaging system to allow CINNI to become the first ever completely anonymous transaction system.

You can read the full announcement here