Honorcoin announces Anonymity Airdrop, mixing system based on CoinJoin

honorcoinThe team behind Honorcoin has announced via Reddit their plan to deliver anonymity once and for all.  The project is titled Anonymity Airdrop, and promises to be a major change for all cryptocurrencies.

We have developed a thin wallet that connects to Nodes using a mixing system based in CoinJoin. This system will be entirely open source and we will publish a guide on how to easily set it up for any other altcoin.

Anonymity Airdrop

We have decided to call this event the Anonymity Airdrop since this software release will be a major change for cryptocurrencies in general. From this moment, every altcoin will have an anonymity solution. Close-source solutions like Darksend will no longer have the monopoly in Anonymity, and much likely become obsolete, for innovation is better in open source systems.




The details of the can be found in the announcement document, but more releases for Anonymity Airdrop are promised soon:

June 9th – Daemon Beta Release and Technical Whitepaper.

June 16th – Anonymity Airdrop: Source code and how to guide.


Honorcoin can be found under the symbol XHC on Bittrex, it’s an X11 PoW/PoS with 21,000,000 total PoW coins and a 5% annual PoS interest.


For wallets and more info, visit the official website or the Bitcointalk thread.