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Honorcoin announces Anonymity Airdrop, mixing system based on CoinJoin


The team behind Honorcoin has announced via Reddit their plan to deliver anonymity once and for all.  The project is titled Anonymity Airdrop, and promises to be a major change for all cryptocurrencies. We have developed a thin wallet that connects to Nodes using a mixing system based in CoinJoin. This system will be entirely open source and we will publish a guide on how to ...

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Report from the frontlines: Dark Wallet alpha testing

dark wallet

Article by Phil Cohen:   “The value of cryptocurrency isn’t as a marketing ploy or to shave a few bucks off transaction fees, it’s a political statement—a radical and revolutionary tool.” - Cody Wilson, Dark Wallet co-founder “computer science, computer science, the cutting edge, get involved … Don’t just download the latest app, help design it.” - President Barack Obama “No masters, ...

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