Employer pays Reddcoin to staff as weekly salary


To avoid his staff from “cringing at him when reddcoin explodes in value.”, business owner bravenewcoin on reddit today announced that he is paying his staff entirely in Reddcoin for one week.  To do so, the owner purchased 8.5 BTC of the cryptocurrency.

They all did their research and agreed they can afford it/risk it.

As owner of a mining farm and cryptocurrency tracking website bravenewcoin.com, his employees had “gained a natural interest over the weeks and months since they started.  Initially, they were asking to get paid 1/5 of their salaries in Darkcoin, then I just sent them a bunch of various RDD links and a week later they were keen.”

In addition to the prospect of RDD increasing in value, they may also receive a tax break.  “Under NZ law, Giving out RDD is equivelant to giving out petrol or food vouchers as a bonus. No tax on it, hence the saving. Average rate among staff is 26%.”

Source via reddit

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  • http://highonpotcoin.info Bobby (ironhammer5)

    I guess that 8.5 BTC is why I the Reddcoin price had a little bump last night, then? xD