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Myriadcoin and why you should maybe take notice


If you haven’t heard of Myriadcoin yet, you should have. Launched on 23rd February 2014, Myriadcoin has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. With recent announcements many from the altcoin community have started to pay close attention to the potential of Myriadcoin and the innovation it brings. One of the hot topics for many cryptocurrencies ...

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CoinGecko: A ranking website that looks at metrics beyond market capitalisation


There are currently numerous websites that list and rank cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalisation (market cap). Examples include, and which can serve as very useful tools when analysing various aspects of cryptocurrency markets. A potential problem when ranking cryptocurrencies purely by market cap is that some important statistics can be misinterpreted. The market cap of a ...

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GB Coin: British cryptocurrency launched


GB Coin (Great British Coin) is the latest in a number of country related coin releases that developers hope will gain wide adoption in their target nations. Recent releases including Auroracoin, SpainCoin and Isracoin have been relatively successful and the idea of a geographically focused cryptocurrency has obviously struck a chord with some.   The coin differs from recent launches ...

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Millions of BlackCoins missing from CryptoRush


CryptoRush have announced they have lost the equivalent of 121 Bitcoins due to what they claim was a bug in the BlackCoin daemon. A fork in the BlackCoin blockchain caused problems for the site which allowed the combined user balance of BlackCoins to inflate to over 22 million coins when they actually had only just over 68,000 coins in the ...

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Scrypt ASICs: The future of mining?


With the inevitable arrival of Scrypt ASIC miners on the horizon we take a look at what this might mean for miners and the future of Scrypt mining. What are ASICs? An ASIC (Application-specific integrated circuit) Scrypt miner is exactly how the name describes it; a piece of hardware designed and built for the sole purpose of mining Scrypt-based cryptocurrencies. ...

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