Vertcoin latest: Stealth Addresses and VertVerser

It seems the Vertcoin development team have been busy as two major announcements have been made this week.

Anonymity is currently a hot topic in the cryptocurrency landscape and Vertcoin have reacted by releasing an updated wallet with a stealth address feature included. The ability to send stealth payments is a huge advancement for Vertcoin and one that will be music to the ears of Vertans everywhere.

A person sending a payment to a stealth address will not be able to view what other payments have been made to the stealth address whilst users who have nothing to do with the transaction would not be able to view any details.

Stealth addresses increase privacy for a recipient by allowing you to publish a stealth address, which is like a seed which the sender then uses to generate a unique one-use Vertcoin address for the transaction.

As large organisations and corporations seem to be gathering more and more data, privacy has become a major concern for many and the stealth technology, originally developed for Bitcoin, provides a solution to this. Some have questioned why anonymity is necessary for Vertcoin and a Vertcoin spokesman has been quoted as stating that “Vertcoin does not want to hide criminals against nations, they want to hide ordinary people against corporations”. By being the first cryptocurrency to introduce stealth addresses the Vertcoin team have taken a stand and it would not be surprising to see others following in their footsteps.

The stealth addresses feature on the latest Vertcoin wallet

Only a day after the release of stealth address, Vertcoin developer a432511 announced VertVerser; A way to pay with Vertcoin anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. VertVerser (Vert = Green, Verser = To Pay) is currently in Alpha Status with limitations on the amount that can be sent, however all appears to be running smoothly. The service can be accessed at where you can “enter the address you are sending funds to (VTC or BTC) and the amount you wish to send. You will be given an address to send the funds to”. The idea which was first implemented by the Vericoin team effectively allows the use of Vertcoin to access thousands of good and services. This is an overnight change that could easily be overlooked but actually makes the currency a great deal more useful and usefulness is all that matters in the long term scheme of things.

VertVerser Website

After a period which has seen the price of Vertcoin slowly declining, these announcements and the ever active development team will give a boost to those hoping to see a reversal of the trend.
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