Crypto: the birth of economic secularism?

All hail my masterful photoshop skills.

  So it appears we just witnessed the 2008 bank bailout, but in characteristically rapid crypto-time. At least, that is what many of the more vocal twitter voices (oxymoron?) would have us believe. The Mintpal hack, the theft of 8 million Vericoins, and the subsequent hard-fork, or bailing out, could scarcely have come at a more crazy moment; just as ...

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Britcoin: A coin for the British people


BritCoin is the latest cryptocurrency to launch that targets a specific country for wider adoption, in this case Great Britain. The coin was launched on 27th July 2014 by a team of three with the long term goal being “to replace BitCoin as the leading online/offline crypto currency within the United Kingdom”. With a goal as ambitious as this we ...

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Vertcoin latest: Stealth Addresses and VertVerser


  It seems the Vertcoin development team have been busy as two major announcements have been made this week. Anonymity is currently a hot topic in the cryptocurrency landscape and Vertcoin have reacted by releasing an updated wallet with a stealth address feature included. The ability to send stealth payments is a huge advancement for Vertcoin and one that will ...

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When is a whale not a whale?


I had originally intended to write this article with the aim of showing that ‘whale’ was an unfair term to use for all those that manipulate our cryptomarkets. Within minutes of researching, however, I realised that I was going to have to change my plans. Traditionally, people think of the term via it’s connotation with size, often exclusively - both ...

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Kassado’s Kingdom: RubyCoin, Coin Lab, and LoveCrypto


Here at CoinJoint, we’ve been keeping our eye on RubyCoin for a few reasons. “Kassado” developed RubyCoin specifically as a method of payment for his Coin Laboratory service.  His service can create anyone a cryptocurrency along with a Windows wallet, nodes for peer to peer wallet connections, and the RubyCoin team can even attempt to get you listed on Bittrex.  All ...

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Greedy Mining: Are you renting too much hashpower?


My original intent was to write a simple piece about mining cryptocurrency with leased rigs.  Along the way, I uncovered some things that I felt were more important to communicate than how to find the best deal on a rig. The same, seemingly endless, arms-race that the Bitcoin community has been living with is inevitable for altcoins too.  It is ...

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Yesterday I found myself with some Bitcoin in my wallet, and a need to purchase something from Amazon. LocalBitcoins would be the usual place I went, but this time I decided I’d try bypass that route by way of purchasing an Amazon gift card from are a UK-based company, offering various gift cards for UK retailers in return ...

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Learning crypto: The Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm


  In today’s installment, we’ll be studying the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) used by bitcoin.  It is the method that cryptocurrency uses to mathematically prove that one has the right to spend coin. Hopefully, you took the opportunity to understand the Diffie-Hellman-Merkle secret key exchange, which I wrote about previously. As in the DHM algorithm, the elliptic curve algorithm utilizes asymmetric cryptography, ...

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Namecoin - Next Generation Domain Name System


Namecoin is a crypto-currency that allows people to register .bit domain names. It's an alternative to our current domain name system which is resistant to censorship, and whose domain names cannot be seized by governments or stolen by thieves. Namecoin solves many important issues with the current DNS but also provides a way to enable identity management and so much more. Read on to find out more!

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