YouMeAndBTC: Virtual Meetups and Podcasts covering Bitcoin and much more!


YouMeAndBTC is hosted by three guys from Pittsburgh, PA, that are so passionate about Bitcoin and discussing cryptocurrency, they decided to bring their discussions online. The hosts are Daniel Brown, Tim Baker and John Stuart. Their goal is to grow their media outlet and they invite anyone from around the world to join in with them. Many of the discussions ...

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Learning crypto: The Diffie-Hellman-Merkle Key Exchange


This is the first installment of a series intended to help you gain a clear understanding of some of the more understandable aspects of modern day, cryptography, known as Public Key Infrastructure ( PKI ).  While PKI is part and parcel of cryptocurrency technology, the implications are much farther reaching.  Trust me and read on, you want to know about this. ...

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KarmaShares community rises to meet new challenges, Shawn Leary reveals the latest plans of the Karma Community!


Over the last few months, here at CoinJoint we have covered some important changes that came to the Karma community and some of their early Karma initiatives. The community has gone through a tumultuous month when the community decided to take the project in a direction that the original developer did not agree with.  I don’t have exact details, but that is the ...

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Report from the frontlines: Dark Wallet alpha testing

dark wallet

Article by Phil Cohen:   “The value of cryptocurrency isn’t as a marketing ploy or to shave a few bucks off transaction fees, it’s a political statement—a radical and revolutionary tool.” - Cody Wilson, Dark Wallet co-founder “computer science, computer science, the cutting edge, get involved … Don’t just download the latest app, help design it.” - President Barack Obama “No masters, ...

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Bitcoin Meetup Portland Oregon: Skyhook ATM & More!


Have you ever wanted to put cash into a machine and get Bitcoin sent to your mobile wallet in seconds?  Add Portland, Oregon, to your list of cities where this is possible.  The Bitcoin Meetup Portland meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month. I recently attended the Bitcoin Meetup at Lucky Lab Brewing Company in order to check out ...

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Introduction to Cannacoin: An industry specific coin with genuine community roots

cannacoin feature

Cannacoin has its roots in Seattle, Washington, one of the hotspots for the newly created legal Cannabis industry in the United States. The state of Washington has actually had quite a long history with Medical Marijuana, so much so that Northwest Greenthumb, an online community of over 16,000, has grown into a thriving forum for Cannabis patients, growers, and merchants to ...

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Myriadcoin and why you should maybe take notice


If you haven’t heard of Myriadcoin yet, you should have. Launched on 23rd February 2014, Myriadcoin has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. With recent announcements many from the altcoin community have started to pay close attention to the potential of Myriadcoin and the innovation it brings. One of the hot topics for many cryptocurrencies ...

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Mintcoin Fund: Sonoma County Redwood Reforestation Project Unveiled - March 2015


Online communities are growing stronger and more productive thanks to cryptocurrencies. Dogecoin and Karmacoin are raising money for purposes of bringing people together. And now the Mintcoin Fund is sponsoring a massive project that will involve more than just fundraising. The Sonoma County Redwood Reforestation Project: This project will be hosted by Avant Gardens, a family run farm that participates ...

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CoinGecko: A ranking website that looks at metrics beyond market capitalisation


There are currently numerous websites that list and rank cryptocurrencies based on their market capitalisation (market cap). Examples include, and which can serve as very useful tools when analysing various aspects of cryptocurrency markets. A potential problem when ranking cryptocurrencies purely by market cap is that some important statistics can be misinterpreted. The market cap of a ...

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