Bittylicious enables credit card purchases of Bitcoin in EU




Bittylicious have announced that they have enabled the ability to buy Bitcoins using a credit card for buyers in the UK and EU.

Currently, credit card payments must be purchased in Euros — which could incur a currency transfer fee for those in the UK — but the ability for direct payments in British Pounds and other European currencies is set to be added in “upcoming weeks”.

Director of Bittylicious, Marc Warne, comments:

Bittylicious is designed to make the Bitcoin buying process as simple as possible, so we are thrilled to allow users to purchase simply by registering and entering their credit card details. Within just a few minutes, users can be in possession of their own Bitcoins.

As a UK resident myself, I can say that Bittylicious was already one of the fastest and most simple ways to buy Bitcoin here using a “Faster Payments” bank transfer; the addition of credit card payments in the EU really does make it even more accessible to a wider audience.

Source: Press Release

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