Einsteinium’s second epoch funds Diabetic wound treatment

Coin-with-shadowRecently the Einsteinium foundation concluded voting for it’s second epoch, an event that raises money for scientific research and innovation.

Voting results narrowly resulted in a victory for Dr. Theresa O’Keefe, who is raising money for Mend Therapeutics, a non-profit with the goal of developing a protein for diabetic wounds that can be manufactured at low cost.


100% of our budget will be used to purchase supplies and conduct the necessary lab work to develop the low cost manufacturing process and produce small quantities of the two candidates.

Mend Therapeutics is creating affordable drugs for the World’s 371 million diabetics who don’t have health insurance. Diabetic complications are catastrophic and include non-healing wounds leading to amputation. They want to develop a protein for diabetic wounds that can be manufactured at low cost, an important step in creating an affordable drug.

As of right now, over $1,500 dollars has already been raised by the Einsteinium community for this effort. 

Dr. O’Keefe along with her colleague Dr. Larry Fitzgerald did an AMA on reddit yesterday to discuss their project with the /r/science community.

If you would like to donate directly to this project, I have provided the payment details below which go directly to Mend Therapeutics:

  • EMC2: EUk9Vq9JjQzE8MswbEUhcCLLnVbU66cDn7
  • Dogecoin: DSg5LrsVcd16AZ4HN5moFxi3aep3ugoDvE
  • Bitcoin: 1L1hgwf7NScWtBQotRLiYoczm4w2UDbDrU
  • LTC: Lhjwa8Q8HqQppq6nzB4rVEpvod1oaUVVv2

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  1. Good read. The team at emc needs all the press they can get. The coin is awesome, the team is great and funding science is huge.. bigger then all of us.

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