Karmacoin developers reveal March schedule, new websites and logo bounty

The developers behind Karmacoin took to Reddit earlier today, revealing a host of plans that would be coming to the coin over the next month.

The schedule includes a new website, bounties to source a new logo for the coin, and karmaforsale.com among others. The post reads:

In order to provide greater transparency regarding all of the good stuff going on at Karmacoin, I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know about what we have in store for March 2014.

We have many exciting things in the pipeline for this month, including a 3.5+ BTC (possibly up to 20 BTC) dev bounty announcement, new branding and logo, new main website, and more.

They go on to reveal their internal day-by-day schedule that’s going to be used to get all of this done. Check out the Reddit post if you’d like to read all the details.

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