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Cannapay: Uniting Cannabis and Cryptocurrency in one Platform


Disclaimer: The author of this article is a member of the CCN development team Background on cannabis-related coins: There are a lot of cannabis-related coins these days.  Potcoin (POT), Cannacoin (CCN), CannabisCoin (CANN), Hempcoin (THC), Dopecoin (DOPE), and there are more late-comers that have joined the party such as MaryJaneCoin (MaryJ), which is an ICO coin sold on exchange by the creators. Potcoin was the ...

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CCN Project: CannabisCoin and Cannacoin take first steps towards potential cooperation


It’s been a fascinating few weeks in the cannabis-related coin market.  Cannacoin (CCN) has come out strong on the heels of their convention held in September in Seattle, Washington. The team released Cannapay into open beta September 25th and announced a fork to Proof-of-stake 2.0 scheduled for October 20th.   CannabisCoin (CANN) has been leaking pictures and promising a large market for cannabis-related ...

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