2500 Cannacoin Giveaway: Reddit and Northwest Green Thumb members welcome!

The 2000 Cannacoin giveaway has just been increased to 2500 Cannacoins.  The goal is to reward 250 people with 10 CCN that are members of both Reddit and the Northwest Greenthumb forums.

Here are the details of the giveaway posted from Reddit:

Hello everyone,

I will be giving away a total of 2500 Cannacoins to users of NWGT and Reddit.

The first 250 users to accomplish this will receive 10 CCN.

Here’s what you need to do.

1) Download the wallet @ http://cannacoin.cc/clients.php, extract the folder to any location (desktop, c:, etc) run the Cannacoin-qt client, and allow the wallet to sync. Go to Receive coins tab, create a new address or copy the exiting address that is in your wallet. This will be the address that I send your Cannacoins to. Also, you can set a password for your wallet by going to Settings -> Encrypt wallet (write this down on a piece of paper and put it in a safe location!!)

2) If you are already a user on Reddit, then go to http://www.nwgt.org/forumdisplay.php?122-Cannacoin-General-Discussion and signup. Post a link to your profile along with your Cannacoin wallet address here.

3) If you are already an NWGT user, post a link to your Reddit profile along with your Cannacoin wallet address in the NWGT giveaway thread.

4) Be patient, I will send you your coins after I verify that you are an existing Reddit/NWGT user. This is to prevent people from abusing the giveaway.

5) Even if your account is not active on NWGT, just post here with a link to your profile here!!

The goal of this giveaway is to build some crossover between the Cannacoin reddit and NWGT community.

This NWGT subforum will be the place where we can discuss Cannacoin development in a more professional and organized way!


If you would like to donate to the giveaway, send Cannacoins to:  CSvPdKwMVnmWhFg9PkZhsZKoNFjdXWYXvS

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