Fluttercoin introduces Proof-of-Transaction Mining, static block rewards coming

Fluttercoin is a recently released PoW/PoS/PoT coin released March 10th by Fluttercoin developer “thekidcoin” on Bitcointalk.

Proof-of-Transaction is also known as Proof-of-Block.  What it means is that just by sending Fluttercoins, you have the possibility of discovering a block and being rewarded with Fluttercoins.

That means there is currently three ways to discover new Fluttercoins; you can mine them, you can stake them in your wallet, or you can possibly earn them by transacting with them.

FLT will be changing its rewards from variable to static at block 22,000 with a hard fork. So be sure to always use the latest wallet from the official website — it’s currently available for Windows and Linux, with a Mac wallet said to be coming soon. 

What do you think of being able to earn coins by transacting? You going to give Fluttercoin a try?

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