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BitPay and Toshiba partner to bring Bitcoin to VisualTouch POS system


BitPay and Toshiba have announced at the 2014 National Restaurant Association show in Chicago that Bitcoin payments will be implemented into Toshiba’s VisualTouch POS system. VisualTouch is a full point-of-sale system that’s used by more than 6,o00 companies (some with up to 1,600 locations) within the Hospitality, Food Service, Grocery, Retail and Concession industries. BitPay integration will mean that any one ...

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Ghostcoin: A PoS coin with increasing rewards


Ghostcoin is just over a month old now. It’s a proof-of-stake coin (PoS) that’s particularly interesting due to the idea of increasing reward amounts over the first six years. The initial 20% of a total 750 million Ghostcoin (GHC) are to be distributed by proof-of-work mining during the first three months. After that, proof-of-stake takes over, with an initial 20% ...

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Mintcoin: How to maximize the interest earned on your coins


If this is your first time hearing about Mintcoin, it’s the first coin to reward the holders of the coin large amounts of new coins simply by holding the coins they own in a wallet. This method of delivering new coins is called proof-of-stake or PoS, as opposed to the more common method of mining with proof-of-work (PoW).  Peercoin was ...

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