We are live! Welcome to Coin Joint

After a couple of weeks planning, discussing and putting together the teams’ ideas for what we want to achieve with this new website, Coin Joint is now officially live.

Coin Joint is a joint (no pun intended) effort between a few dedicated crypto-heads to bring you the latest news from the altcoin, cryptocoin, or cryptocurrency scene.

As an emerging industry that we were all already involved in to varying degrees, we decided it was more than worth putting our time into creating Coin Joint.  It’s an exciting time for cryptos, and we intend on delivering quality content that cuts through the chatter and speculation and delivers timely and accurate news headlines, alongside longer features and interviews.

We are just getting started, but we hope you come back to check our progress. If you like what you see so far, the best way you can help us out is to share the content you enjoy with others.

Look forward to seeing you around!

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