An extra zero: Moolah founder accidentally donates 20 million Dogecoin to Doge4Nascar

What a difference one more zero can make. We’ve probably all done it or almost done it when trying to make a quick trade on an exchange or something similar. Today, Moolah founder Alex Green’s extra zero saw an extra 18 million Dogecoin go to the Doge4Nascar fund.

He wrote on Reddit about the mistake, daring somebody to match him:

Was meant to be 2M… silly keyboard. I will stand by my mistake however! Anybody care to match me? The first person to match at least 10% will receive a hot pass to Talladega.

It was only a couple of hours before Reddit user “Dogefreedom” had added another 20 million Dogecoin to the cause — which aims to sponsor a Dogecoin-branded Nascar racecar. This excessively kind user has also previously donated 20 million the Jamaican Bobsled Team donation drive before the Winter Olympics.

The Doge4Nascar cause is now just 10 million shy of its 67 million goal.

2 Responses

  1. MegaTron says:


    Such generosity
    many vroom vroom

  2. lunardoge says:

    Wooo goo Josh Wise

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