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Catching up with Digibyte

digibyte robot

Digibyte has been around for a relatively long time in the context of cryptocurrency. Launched in early January 2014, it has been ever present through the rise and fall of many short lived altcoins and continues to progress quietly in the background. Earlier this year I wrote about Digibyte’s proposed switch to a Myriadcoin style multi-algorithm approach to hashing. The ...

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Digibyte announce switch to multi-algorithm


Digibyte has announced a new change in algorithm. It will be moving to a multi-algorithm system much like Myriadcoin. This will enable miners to mine using five separate algorithms including Scrypt, SHA-256 and three other GPU friendly algorithms. The digibyte head developer, Jared Tate stated that it will be a few months before implementation because of all the testing that ...

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Dogecoin co-founder speaks on the idea of merged mining with Litecoin

jackson palmer

Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer has now made his thoughts known on the idea of Dogecoin integrating merged mining with Litecoin — which was initially proposed by Litecoin creator Charlie Lee. The idea was proposed as a way to secure Dogecoin’s future as we approach the widespread availability of dedicated mining machines or ASICs. Palmer, however, doesn’t seem to feel that ...

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