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Leaked: Cryptorush dumped users’ Auroracoin, Mazacoin, Potcoin to recover stolen Bitcoin?


Yesterday the PotCoin community on Reddit were talking about there possibly being missing PotCoins from CryptoRush, leaked by an ex employee. Now the same user ‘DogeyMcDoge’, who is said to be an ex-employee of CryptoRush, has dug deeper into the PotCoin scenario and released a chat-log that claims Auroracoin, Mazacoin, and Potcoin were sold in order to recover the stolen Bitcoin. The leak ...

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PotCoin growing, reps to speak at NYC Cryptocurrency Convention


Cannabis legalization is high on the agenda for many Americans this year, after watching Colorado and Washington voters legalize recreational Cannabis in one form or another, and Colorado expecting revenues of more than $25 million in taxes for the first year of new regulations. PotCoin, a Bitcoin like cryptocurrency which is based on Litecoin, has been seeing increased growth in ...

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