Leaked: Cryptorush dumped users’ Auroracoin, Mazacoin, Potcoin to recover stolen Bitcoin?

Yesterday the PotCoin community on Reddit were talking about there possibly being missing PotCoins from CryptoRush, leaked by an ex employee. Now the same user ‘DogeyMcDoge’, who is said to be an ex-employee of CryptoRush, has dug deeper into the PotCoin scenario and released a chat-log that claims Auroracoin, Mazacoin, and Potcoin were sold in order to recover the stolen Bitcoin.

The leak claims to show site owner ‘Linkandzelda’ saying and also included a screenshot of a Skype conversation:

We sold about 150 BTC worth of shares last week, and we also sold some of the on site balance of mazacoin, pot coin and AUR. That brought in another 60 odd BTC.

If that’s the case — it seems to suggest that this is the root cause of those minus-balances that were revealed in the screenshot that accompanied the original leak from yesterday.

Disclaimer: This information is not easy to verify, while we are confident DogeyMcDoge is legitimately an ex-employee and have been in touch with him, it’s down to you how you choose to take this information. 

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